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5 ways Manbassadors can use their authority to change workplace culture

5 ways Manbassadors can use their authority to change workplace culture

Posted by Soujanya Viswanath | May 22, 2018 | Blog, Uncategorized

Many researchers point out to the fact that gender equality in the workplace improves profitability. Companies with healthy representation of female CXOs have been found to perform better than those with more male CXOs at the helm. Additionally, another recent research shows that companies in the top quartile for gender diversity which had more male champions for women (who we call #manbassadors) in their organizations were found to be 15% more likely to perform better than those who didn’t. This clearly shows the role manbassadors can play in using their authority to push for workplace culture change.

Below are 5 ways in which manbassadors can positively influence the workplace culture:

  • Set up an open house with the women in their team to listen to what is working and what are the challenges they continue to face. Let the learnings from this, lead to better policies and actions to address the gender inequality within the team and the Company as a whole
  • Create a cost/benefit business case for every project they handle which would include the best talent of all genders and showcase how it can amplify results. This strengthens the business case for gender equal teams and serves as a rebuttal to the naysayers.
  • Utilize their Management positions within their company to send out a strong signal that inclusivity in the workplace is important and biases will be swiftly addressed. Constructive discussions should be encouraged, so that biases are brought out into the open and employees are made aware of their impact
  • Show courage and persistence in overcoming resistance to gender inclusiveness even within their own teams and peer groups. This can be achieved only through a structured approach. They can set up talent days within their organization to identify top talent, especially women (rising stars), set metrics that will be measured from a diversity perspective within their teams and ensure there is a gender-equal interview/appraisal panel within their teams.
  • Establish a strong credibility about themselves among key leadership within the organization so that they can single-handedly champion women into positions they truly deserve.
  • Push back gender stereotypes during meetings or reviews. Women constantly getting interrupted or being constantly overlooked for key projects, need to be noticed and addressed, to ensure an equal playing field for all
  • Last, but not the least, they need to be very comfortable in their own skin and believe in the values of having equity in the workplace and be willing to stand up and fight for it come what may!

At #PinkLadder, we have recently announced #Manbassadorawards to honor such male champions in organizations because we strongly believe that gender equality is not about “He vs She” but “He and She” working together hand in hand. We would urge all our readers to nominate such manbassadors in their organizations and encourage many more to champion this cause.

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